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Walk the Talk in the News

Learn how the Walk the Talk program is impacting students, building communities and raising much needed funds for the network of Women's Community Shelters.

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Interview with Jack Ellis, Walk the Talk presenter

May 2024: Stellar Magazine

Jack talks about his role presenting Walk the Talk and the impact it has on the students he works with.

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Transforming Young Lives

May 2024: The Daily Telegraph

How Walk the Talk is helping young men make change and support their local shelter


Teen spirit tackles abuse

Our Walk the Talk program is empowering teenagers to work together to raise awareness of domestic violence and support their local shelters.

How young men will put an end to domestic violence

The students at Oakhill College are working together to support their local shelter.

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High School students recognised for initiatives tackling domestic violence

How students are recognised for their efforts as part of the Walk the Talk program.

Putting Words into Action

One student demonstrates the power of action through her participation in the Walk the Talk program.

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Dannielle Miller explains the power of Walk the Talk

Daniel Butler interviews Dannielle Miller on 2SER and discusses how our program really changes lives.

Presenter Jack Ellis explains the program

Actor Jack Ellis may play the bad guy on screen, but off screen he works with us at Walk the Talk to break down gender stereotypes.

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