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Want to roll up your sleeves and help us put an end to domestic violence and women's homelessness? 

Need to feel like you're actively making a difference in your community? 
Hoping to do some spring cleaning and finally find the motivation you need to clean your bedroom? 

You've come to the right place!


In September, we are asking young people to complete chores for a cause - our cause


 Who are we? 

Women's Community Shelters works with communities to establish new shelters which provide a safe bed and support that enables homeless women to rebuild self-esteem and achieve control of their lives.

Amazing huh? And we want young people just like you to work with us in a meaningful way.

Chores for a Cause is an opportunity for every young person (aged from 8-18) to become change makers. 

 How does it work? 

During the month of September we'd love you to complete chores in exchange for money that can be donated to your local shelter (you decide where your cash goes.  Your work, your choice)

You might want to clean up the garage at home, wash a teacher's car, mow a neighbour's lawn, sort out that messy third draw in the kitchen....

You can negotiate what you think it a fair rate for your time and work and then donate that money to your local shelter.


Any questions please contact us.

 Which shelter will you support? 

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Our vision is that communities we work with across Australia are empowered to respond to and prevent domestic and family violence, and women and children's homelessness. Our work includes education and prevention; early intervention; crisis and transitional accommodation; outreach support & recovery; and advocacy. We support women of all ages, at all stages of their journey.

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