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A pioneering 'Respectful Relationships' program

Empowering students with knowledge and service learning opportunities

A note from the CEO of Women's Community Shelters

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As the CEO of Women's Community Shelters, my hope for our organisation is that we no longer need to exist.  That's why we spend every day working community by community to help establish a society where women and children are safe, secure, supported and equal.   

Our goal with Walk the Talk is to help educate teenagers in a meaningful way that moves beyond theory and token gestures and into purposeful informed action, empowering them to be agents of change to create the world they would like to live in.  Since the program was launched in 2019, over 11,000 students have participated in our workshops and they have supported our work through a huge number of awareness and fundraising activities.  

We would love your school to walk beside us on this journey and I encourage you to discover more and to contact us to get involved.


Over 11,000 students have completed the Walk the Talk Program since 2019

100% of participants would recommend the program

98% of girls and 96% of boys rated it as excellent or very good

Jenny Wilson 

Aboriginal Programs Co-ordinator. South Sydney High School

"This is one of the best programs I have seen.  It has helped us raise difficult issues such as domestic violence and violence towards women.  Many students have stated the messages have changed how they felt about themselves and others." 




"I thought this would be a boring 3 hour lecture, but it was excellent and I would recommend it to all students. I can’t believe the figures about how many women in Australia have been abused."



"This was the best day ever; I now feel strong and empowered to be a woman! I learnt that I should be proud of who I am, how I can help other women, what I should look for in a relationship, how incredible adopting a women’s shelter can be and how strong women are."

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"We work community by community to establish an Australia where women and children are safe, secure, supported and equal."

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